Mr. Number

Mr Number allows you to block calls from unwanted numbers and avoid lots of spam from solicitors, sales people and telemarketers.

Are you tired of receiving annoying calls from unknown numbers over and over? Do you want to get rid of a person you dislike? Constant spam that appears on your mobile device pisses you off again? Install Mr. Number-Block calls & spam application and you will forget about such issues.


Mr. Number Overview

Simply put, the app allows you to block calls from unwanted numbers and avoid lots of spam. After you will run the application first time, you will be offered to choose what types of suspicious numbers to block: scam numbers, numbers that may belong to spammers (like solicitors, sales people and telemarketers), and hidden numbers (which are displayed as “unknown”). Even though it is understandable how the app recognizes the third category, the former two categories may seem questionable.

However, it is not so. First of all, there is a database that includes a lot of spam numbers and other “unwanted” numbers, which allows blocking calls even before the phone will start ringing. This way, you can also report spam numbers. Besides, Mr. Number-Block allows you to read comments about specific phone numbers, left by the other app’s users. At second, the application shows the statistics of each number: how many times a phone number was reported, its score in spamming, etc.

You can see that the app’s main menu is divided into two parts. Above, you can see the section called “Call Protection”, where you can enable and disable call alerts as well as apply different settings by pressing “Blocking Enabled”. If you press the latter button, you will see a menu with different options: you can enable blocking international numbers (which you receive from outside of the country) or numbers that are not in your contact list, block calls from numbers that begin with a particular code of area (for instance, a number that begins with +35), see the hidden numbers that were blocked, and look through your list of banned numbers. At the bottom, there is a button which you can press for viewing blocked calls.

The down part of the application’s main menu shows messages and calls that you have received recently. You can also look for particular numbers by pressing a search button in the upper right corner, which enables a search window. Right side, in the very corner, you will see another button that allows you to see your block list, arrange even more settings (like you can decide whether to include the blocked numbers into the history of calls), and get support with the application. On the whole, Mr. Number-Block provides users with a wide variety of settings, which makes the app’s use especially comfortable and convenient.


  • The app has a huge database and is highly popular, which ensures that the majority (if not all) of spam numbers will be immediately blocked
  • You are given a wide range of options to set in the app allowing you to make it as much convenient as possible
  • You can ban both individual numbers and numbers from specific areas
  • By paying a small fee per month, you can enable the option (called the Automatic Caller ID) that allows you to see the real numbers (the function “Reverse Lookup”, however, allows you to do it for free)


  • You need to use app quite a bit until you will have an understanding what settings will suit you best
  • You need to pay in order to see hidden numbers
  • SMS spam cannot be blocked by the app on certain versions of Android (4.4 and higher)

Mr Number is just amazing in use, and many people who want to simply block calls from unwanted numbers may find it exceptionally useful.


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